Important Places.

(Historic sites / Monuments/Heritage)

IInd World War cemetery:-

Distance:-3KM from K.V. towards the town

Salient Feature:
War cemetery is a symbolic memorial raised as citation for the supreme sacrifices made by the officers and men during the world War- II. Children may collect information with regards to the sacrifice for the nation done by them .

Salient Feature:

The state museum treasures rare collection of articles of different tribes which speak about the history and tradition of the NAGAS. Relevant information may be collected regarding their way of life, culture, society etc.

Kachari Ruins:

Distance:-74 KM from K.V.

Salient Feature:

The ancient Kachari capital “Dimapur” is one of the important sites of megalithic culture. In formation may be collected from these megalithic and ruins and temples, embankments, tanks etc. naturally resulting in appreciation of cultural and historical heritage of the area.


Distance: - 30 KM from K.V.

Salient Feature:

DZUKOU Valley is situated at an altitude of 2438.4 metres above sea level, overshadowed with a type of tough bamboo brush to make the place appear like a mown lawn. The serpentines stream become frozen during the winter. In summer  hundreds of species of flowers in varied colours adorn the valley. A base camp for trekkers is being constructed on the way. A comparative study of flora and fauna of the area with that of the other areas can be a study of interest.


Distance:- 40 KM from K.V.

Salient Feature:

Interesting feature of DZULEKEI RIVER is that it flows through a deep and extremely narrow gorge making it look as if the river as gone underground at places. A study on interaction of the flora and fauna with the climatic factors will be an interesting study for the students.


Distance:- 15 KM from K.V.

Salient Feature:

JAPFU PEAK is the second largest peak in Nagaland. It is ideally situated for trekking and scaling from the peak one can have panoramic view of the hills below.

Colleges/ University

UniversityNagaland University

Colleges:- Kohima Science College and numbers of other Arts & Commerce Colleges


The HORNBILL festival held in the first week of December shows that with its stunning natural beauty and great cultural traditions, Nagaland can offer a rich fare to tourists. HORNBILL Festival is celebrated at Heritage village which is 7 K.M. from K.V.KOHIMA.